This morning, the Gothamist Newsmap noted a fatal jumper at West 32nd Street in Midtown Manhattan. Now the Post reports, "A bridge-and-tunnel partier tragically plummeted to his death at the Hotel Pennsylvania in Herald Square this morning after becoming locked out in the cold on a lower-floor roof, cops said."

Moon Nam, a 23-year-old Jersey City resident, had checked into the hotel with friends so they wouldn't have to drive right after partying. According to the Wall Street Journal, Nam "apparently became lost when he returned to the hotel... at about 6:00 a.m. to retrieve his cellphone that he forgot in his room, a law enforcement official with knowledge of the case said. He said surveillance video shows Mr. Nam taking a freight elevator to the fourth floor where he followed exit signs to the landing. Investigators believe he was looking for a fire escape or leaning over the guardrail when he fell" onto West 32nd Street.

The Post's sources say the door "slammed shut behind Nam, leaving him alone and outside in the early-morning cold, cops said. Nam either tried to yell down for help to passers-by on West 32nd Street or attempted to climb down himself, according to police." A group of people smoking across the street called 911 after hearing the impact. Nam was pronounced dead at 6:40 a.m., and authorities believe it was an accident.