On Friday, 60-year-old Yefim Tsirinsky called Coney Island's 60th precinct and reportedly announced, "I just smothered my mother." Cops quickly arrived at his home and found his mother, Frida Tsirinsky, unconscious in the bed. She was transported to Coney Island Hospital and died a day later, and Yefim Tsirinsky was charged with second-degree murder and first- and second-degree strangulation. However, he claims that he was just pulling a Kevorkian and doing what she asked.

One official told the Times, “He’s got a story. He says, ‘My mother asked me to kill her, so I did.’ He said she came in and said she told him she didn’t want to live anymore." Frida never regained consciousness and thus couldn't confirm her son's claims, but investigators say there didn't appear to be a struggle. They believe Yefim smothered his 86-year-old mother with a pillow and "thought he finished it." One neighbor said, "I’m shocked. He looked like he was so dedicated. I guess he just went off."