A 28-year-old auto repair shop employee got his leg stuck in a sinkhole in Bedford-Stuyvesant yesterday morning, and he told reporters he was "in a lot of pain" when the ground trapped him, though he did get some good photos out of it.

Stephen Suarez was crossing Myrtle Avenue at Walworth Street at 11:15 a.m. yesterday when the ground beneath him opened up and swallowed his right leg whole. He said it did not feel great. "When I fell, I fell straight down. I fell on my tailbone — fell straight through," he told CBS 2. Suarez actually sustained a hairline fracture when his leg fell through. "I was in a lot of pain," he said. He was also pretty freaked out, as one might expect. "It was terrifying — definitely terrifying," he said.

The Department of Environmental Protection hasn't figured out what caused yesterday's sinkhole, though they are often due to water main breaks. Common sinkhole victims in the city include cars and school buses, but it's not often we hear that the sidewalk has tried to eat a human body. Something new to worry about for a change!

"From what I understand he was walking and the ground gave way. I ran over there and he was stuck in the ground, and the fire department was just arriving when I got there," Joe Grunbaum of Kings County Autobody, Inc., which employs Suarez, told DNAinfo.

Suarez told CBS, “I thought I was going to fall straight through the ground completely. I was like, 'Oh no, what the hell is about to happen to me?'" Firefighters eventually pulled him out:

As you can see, the sinkhole was pretty small, though certainly vicious:

"I haven’t seen nothing like that ever. But it’s New York, anything can happen," witness Danny Flores said. Indeed.