You might have been thinking that fidget spinners were merely a 21st Century Pog/possible Zionist plot. As it turns out though, fidget spinners are also distant cousins of the Galaxy Note7, in the sense that they're reportedly ready to catch fire at any moment.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a general safety warning regarding fidget spinners, reminding people that kids could choke on the smaller pieces, and that you shouldn't play with the doodads near your face. Of course, if you listen to that rule, then you can't do this:

Buried in the warning though, was a more specific warning that there were "some reports of fires involving battery-operated fidget spinners." Which almost sounds cool, I mean picture flames shooting off the top of that thing on my head, until you realize that the fires comes from faulty batteries that are left to charge for too long.

Still, now that the risk of fire is there, it's only a matter of time before fidget spinners are banned from the subway. Which will be a pretty stupid turn of events, because last time I checked books are flammable too, and those aren't going up in flames... yet.