An update on a story that's in the "The Rent is Too Damn Low" (from the perspective of the landlord) department: A landlord who terrorized a rent-controlled tenant pleaded guilty to illegally evicting the 87 year-old man; but the landlord Dominic Galofaro won't serve any jail time - just three years probation and 200 hour of community services. Galofaro had changed the locks and thrown out the furniture of retired cook Wah Hop Eng from his 89th Street and Third Avenue apartment in August. End has lived there for 46 years, and enjoys a $150/month rented. Well, enjoyed, as he's now living with a son in the Boston area since Eng's scared of Galofaro; Eng, though, does still have the lease. The original charges against Galofaro of burglary and grand larceny were dropped because there was no evidence of where Eng's furniture and belongings are. There is still Eng's $13 million civil suit against Galofaro - let's hope for a tenant victory all the way!