Sarah Fox

Few clues have been found

in the case of Juilliard student Sarah Fox's murder. The CD player, which was found during Friday's search, did not turn up any fingerprints and the clothes found in the park were not Fox's. Mayor Blooomberg made a statement about the murder, lamenting the tragedy but trying to put the park murder into perspective:

Bloomberg, who called Fox's death "a terrible tragedy," said New Yorkers should not feel threatened. "You're safer on the streets of New York than you are in virtually every other major city in this country and even the world," Bloomberg said.
"You have to go about your life," he added. "Nobody's going to guarantee you that there are no risks. But do I worry about my daughters going out? Do I worry about my girlfriend going out? Do I worry about my mother going out? No, I do not. I think these streets are safe."

While Gothamist understands why the Mayor said what he did, it's important to stress that a big part of feeling (relatively) safe in the city is about beng aware, using your common sense and havng a good buddy system. Try to stay in areas with other people, especially when it's dark. (However, when Gothamist was looking for a page of safety tips in NYC, we just found ones for first-time visitors and many outdated...this page says quite clearly to stay out of Alphabet City.)

The Daily News also mentions that Inwood area residents are planning to meet about safety issues tonight, at Church of the Good Shepherd on Isham Street, 7PM.