In his Huffington Post column, former mayor Ed Koch has blasted the White House for responding to inquiries about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's sexual orientation. According to Koch, the White House should never have dignified such questions with an answer, and instead ought to have denounced the speculation. "By denying she is lesbian instead of denouncing the inquiry, the White House is implicitly stating sexual orientation is a legitimate issue of discussion in the confirmation process," writes Koch.

Bloggers like Andrew Sullivan have drawn fire for asking whether Kagan is gay (her friends insist she's straight), and Koch says such questions bear no relevance on her nomination process.

Koch himself has been known to respond indignantly to inquires about his orientation, which inspired a nasty poster in the 1977 mayoral campaign; here's how he handled Time Out New York's Alison Rosen:

TONY: Are you gay?

Koch: When was the last time you performed oral sex on your boyfriend?

TONY: Well, I'm single now so it was a long time ago.

Koch: See, I don't think you should answer that question. It's an improper question, and so is yours. My sexual orientation is none of your business and whether or not you performed oral sex on your boyfriend is none of my business.

Come on, Ed, she showed you hers!