2005_10_krock.jpgContinuing to show that it don't know Jack, Infinity Broadcasting announced that 92.3 KRock is moving to an all-talk forma, confirming the rumors that were around last week. Moreover, David Lee Roth will be hosting the morning drive show! Yes, that Van Halen lead signer and certified EMT David Lee Roth! Gothamist can't wait for stories about getting busted for buying a dimebag in Washington Square Park and how crazy Eddie Van Halen is. The L.A. market gets Adam Carolla. According to the Infinity press release, Penn Jillette will also be hosting a one-hour program in NYC as well as other markets, which confuses Gothamist as he won't be able to tell the Aristocrats nor will he be able to do magic on air effectively. Maybe he'll just reveal magician's tricks.

What do you think of the formatting change? Are you heading to Sirius to listen to Howard? Or are you sticking with podcasts of other stuff?

[via cityrag]