Yesterday, former NJ governor James McGreevey and his ex-wife Dina Matos McGreevey met in family court to hash out details of their bitter divorce. The McGreeveys accused each other of being unfit guardians for their 5-year-old daughter Jacqueline, and Family Court judge Karen Cassidy basically shamed them in court yesterday. She told them to use "common sense" and not expose the child to "non-age-appropriate activities."

I know this is a little bit vague. But it's obviously a fluid situation, and I ask that you act in the best interest of your child in mind...

Act with the best interest of the child at heart...

Consider that whatever is said in the press will be eventually read by your daughter...I am not telling you not to talk to the press, but it is in your hands to not make this case a spectacle...

You obviously have your issues with each other. But I ask you to always keep your child in the forefront of you mind."

It's sad that a judge has to be the one to remind the adults of this. Anyway, Cassidy also asked that any future filings not be "disseminated to the media by counsel or the parties" so we may not hearing about naked photographs in McGreevey's house or how Matos McGreevey is using Jacqueline for publicity.

Cassidy did agree to having a mediator work between the two parties, which McGreevey wanted and Matos McGreevey did not. Cassidy also said that McGreevey's sexuality would not have bearing on her decision, which McGreevey appreciated.

McGreevey did say hello to Matos McGreevey in court, which was a short, tense exchange; afterwards, Mato McGreevey did not speak, but McGreevey said, "Dina has conducted herself with grace."

Photographs of James McGreevey and Dina Matos McGreevey and their respective lawyers by Mike Derer/AP