2008_09_siferry2.jpgA week after a jury awarded Staten Island Ferry crash victim James McMillan Jr. $22.9 million in damages, a federal judge slashed the amount to $18.s million. McMillan is now a quadriplegic after injuries sustained in the 2003 crash and requires round-the-clock medical care. His lawyer Evan Torgan said, "He was gratified that the judge recognized his suffering [and] he's hoping that the case is almost over" (the city is reviewing the decision). Interestingly, Judge Weinstein also reduced Torgan's payment, from a third to 20%, which means he'll get $3.7 million instead of $6.1 million. Torgan said that was unfair, but Weinstein said, "If the client should give you a gift of two and a half million dollars. I’m not approving or disapproving it.