Though they were unsuccessful in their pursuit of slugger Albert Pujols, who signed with the Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim today, the Miami Marlins have plenty to be happy about this offseason; yesterday they introduced the keystone of the new team, their $106 million star Jose Reyes. Reyes told reporters that the Marlins really made him feel wanted—they even arranged a midnight meeting the night he became a free agent. Reyes sounded particularly disappointed that the Mets made almost no effort to keep him in town, which general manager Sandy Alderson later addressed: “If you’re asking whether I should have sent him a box of chocolates, perhaps I should have done that. But on the other hand, the box of chocolates would have cost $106 million.”

Reyes will become one of the cornerstones for the new-look Marlins, who have added a big name manager (Ozzie Gullien), pitcher Mark Buehrle, All Star closer Heath Bell, and um, this really really amazing home run display. While the team feels they've "transformed [their] offense into one of the better offenses in the National League East," trouble may be brewing: star Hanely Ramirez has reportedly been balking at the team trying to move him from shortstop to third base to accomodate Reyes.

The fact remains that the Mets have been bleeding former and current All Stars for the past year—and even team insiders are convinced the team will suck till at least 2014. The team did make some minor deals in the past few days, trading underperforming outfielder Angel Pagan to the San Francisco Giants for outfielder Andres Torres and reliever Ramon Ramirez; they also signed free-agent relievers Frank Francisco and Jon Rauch. It may be time for Mets fans to resign themselves to rooting for the Red Sox this season—after all, new manager Bobby Valentine is sure to provide a lot of fun.