The possibility of giving the NY Jets its own stadium may be announced next year, as the Jets have reportedly agreed to pay $800 million for a West Side stadium if the city and state kick in $300-400 million for a retractable roof (important because then the stadium could host events year-round), AC system, and the platform for the stadium to sit on. The proposed stadium would also be used for the Olympics if NYC wins the 2012 Olympics bid. However, there are a number of obstacles between plans and making them a reality, some being how will a 7 subway line extension be paid for or how will the Javits Center expansion will be addressed; plus, the city has yet to give its thorough proposal for the Far West Side. Community groups and other organizations question the viability of the plans and rezoning that would occur; theater groups worry about the impact of a stadium on theater going and one member of the Westside Coalition, which represent 35 community groups, calls the plans "all fantasy." But the allure of a new stadium and a football team actually in the city, even in the face of horrible gridlock, makes Gothamist think if they built it, they will come.