As if you needed another reason not to go outside tonight, here are two: WIND and RAIN, arriving just in time to put a damper on your New Year's Eve plans. Last week it looked like we might escape a drenching final hurrah, but those 50/50 odds have shrunk to something more like 20/80, and well, I am just not optimistic enough for that nonsense.

According to National Weather Service projections, we can count on rain that "overspreads" the whole region by this afternoon, which makes sense, as the cloud cover has thickened continually since the sun called it a day around 8 a.m. Things will continue this way until about 3 p.m., when the rain looks likely to begin. AccuWeather puts the probability of rain at 80 percent by 7 p.m., which only underscores my point that you should get where you're going early tonight, if you must go anywhere at all.

In addition to the pummeling rain, we will also be battered by gusty breezes, with wind speeds escalating from about 9 mph at 7 p.m. to a horrifying 31 mph by tomorrow at 10 a.m. If it helps at all, the temperatures will be in the high 40s to low 50s—46 to 59 degrees over the next 12 hours, an upsettingly balmy start to January if you ask me. Humidity will remain high throughout: We're looking at soggy air well over 80 percent saturated, and all told, a meteorological outlook that sets a grim tone for 2019.

If you choose to battle the crowds at one of the city's many overrun tourist attractions this afternoon, evening, or night, make sure to dress accordingly. Umbrellas will be useless against the bluster, and will surely endanger your fellow pedestrians' eyes, so! To those of you paying tribute to the sun-sized disco ball tonight, be sure to pack your rain suit along with your 20 pads.