Last week, Inwood resident and schoolteacher Jason Holt was told by the Drug Enforcement Agency that his Inwood apartment was being targeted, so the feds put him up in a hotel for a little while. After that, the NY Times reports, "On Wednesday, the agents told him an arrest had been made and let him go home, but provided no details. At school Thursday morning, Mr. Holt checked the news online and got his answer." A cop, told by a drug dealer that there was $900,000 in the apartment's floor, was arrested for asking someone (who was a police informant) to help him "subdue" Holt with a stun gun and steal the cash. The news also explained why his apartment had been either broken into (the floors were torn up) or attracted odd activities (his lock's cylinder was stolen; a woman with young child said she left something there, etc). Holt, who said of apartment 4D, It seemed like a great find, a great deal," is now looking for a new place.