Yesterday, Ice T headed to Ustream to chat with his fans and, naturally, he discussed his arrest last week. When he was headed to the Lincoln Tunnel, en route back to NJ, the rapper-actor was stopped and given a ticket for driving without a seat belt (Ice T isn't sure how the cop could have seen that since his windows are illegally tinted) and then arrested for driving with a suspended license. However, Ice T denies the suspended license claim, saying that he only recently got his NJ license, plus he's "not breaking the law no more."

Ice T says there was just an insurance lapse in 2008, but not a real suspension, and insists the cop was overreacting, yelling at him to "Get out of the car!" and was in "punk bitch mode." Even though the cop's partner was rolling his eyes, the cop put handcuffs on him, which pissed him off ("I'm like, 'You little bitch motherf-----'") and claims the cop threatened to make his wife, the bodacious Coco, walk home. You can see him describe the experience in the video (the lengthy explanation about the arrest starts around 00:20:50; before that, he cover other topics like the movies Inception, Predators, and Salt) but one funny part is how he was greeted when put into the holding cell: "Oh, shit, Ice T's up in here with us! This is the best day of my life!"

Ice T, who now has a desk appearance ticket, is just annoyed the cop was a jerk, "As far as the cop, he didn't do anything wrong, but he shouldn't have been such an a--hole. ... Wait until you find a body in my trunk [to arrest me]."