Finding out you're suspended from school isn't great news, but two students at a Staten Island high school apparently took it very badly: The Staten Island Advance reports that Curtis High School 16-year-old "pummeled a dean at the school after he told them they were being suspended, authorities allege."

Court papers say that Timothy Young and Ellius Rodriguez attacked dean Christopher Alena in his office on Tuesday: "Young punched Alena in the side of the head, knocking him down, and the two then started punching and kicking him, causing his ear to swell and bleed, court papers allege. He suffered scratches on his face and hands in the attack, court papers allege."

Young's father, Bismillah Duran, spoke to the Advance, relaying his son's story that Alena punched him after he threw the suspension papers on the ground. But Duran said he didn't necessarily believe his son, "My son, he has a history of just lying. He lies so much it’s crazy." Duran wants to speak to Alena.