Nineties to the left, 92 in Newark. Nineties to the right, 92 at LaGuardia. Alas, no nineties in the center of the city where Central Park only reached 89 degrees yesterday afternoon. The cold front that passed through the city last night is expected to reverse direction and return as a warm front this afternoon. That might heat us up to 90 but we will most likely top off in the upper 80s. Still, the warm front's passage will bring enough heat and humidity that we can't rule out the chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm.

Mid to upper 80s with a slight chance of showers or thunderstorms will be the weather story again tomorrow as the warm front stalls just north of the city. Don't like the heat? Head to the beach where the highs today and tomorrow will be closer to 80.

The front that can't make up its mind is expected to reverse direction for a final time and head south on Saturday night. That should bring pleasant conditions on Sunday with drier air and a high in the lower 80s. A new weather system arrives for the last week of spring and it has the forecasters confused. The Weather Channel says cool and wet, the National Weather Service goes with warm and dry, and AccuWeather mixes and matches those two for a warm and wet forecast. Let's split the differences and say Monday should warm to the upper 70s with a chance of a shower.