A Bronx hospital employee was found dead inside of a locked bathroom at Montefiore Medical Center on Monday, four days after checking into the hospital's ER, mid-shift, to treat an injured finger.

The News reports that 44-year-old Anthony Iuso, an operation-room cleaner at Montefiore, left his shift around 1:00 p.m. last Thursday after hurting his finger. After receiving treatment from triage nurses in the ER, he entered a staff bathroom on the hospital's third floor. His body was found inside the locked bathroom on Monday.

It is unclear why hospital staff did not check the bathroom or discover Iuso in the intervening days.

Iuso's family called their missing relative's cellphone repeatedly through the weekend, which they say went straight to voicemail. According to NBC, they also reached out to the hospital, to no avail. Family members finally went to the hospital Monday morning to demand access to the hospital's surveillance footage, which led hospital staff to the staff bathroom.

"He would have been in there for another month if we didn’t go there and scream at them [the hospital staff],” Iuso's father told the Post. “They didn’t try to contact anybody. They just didn’t care.”

"Apparently they made no attempt to get a hold of him, get a hold of their patient that checked into the ER or get a hold of their worker that left work early," Ioso's brother told NBC on Monday. "They never chose to check this particular bathroom until today, when we finally started making a lot of commotion."

NYPD sources told the Post that although autopsy results are pending, it is believed that Iuso died of "natural causes." According to his father, he was relatively healthy despite high blood pressure.

"The staff at Montefiore is extremely saddened to learn that one of our employees has passed away," said a hospital spokesperson in a statement. "Our hearts go out to the family, friends and co-workers."