Firefighter Pat Guagliariello has pleaded not guilty to charges against him following a fatal hit-and-run, and now more details are emerging about the night. Initially, Quagliariello admitted to the 62nd Precinct that his car was involved in the crash but wouldn't say whether or not he was driving. Now, he has been charged with (among other things) criminally negligent homicide after admitting to texting and speeding on the night of the crash. And it looks like it may have been his brother who made him go to the Precinct in the first place.

According to the Times, Quagliariello abandoned his SUV and called his brother Anthony Quagliariello, an NYPD Joint Terrorism Task Force detective, immediately after the crash. His brother picked him up, and according to assistant district attorney Craig Esswein, went to the Precinct "at his brother’s insistence." An investigation provided enough evidence that Quagliariello had been driving to charge him for the hit-and-run, including the victim's DNA being found on the car and phone calls that placed Quagliariello at that location at the time of the crash.

Quagliariello's lawyer says it's possible that he did not know that he hit someone; he was apparently really tired after a long day of raising funds for a wounded Iraq war veteran. He also claims that video surveillance suggests that Tzajguachiac was drunk at the time. However, Tzajguachiac's cousin said of Quagliariello, “He’s a fireman; he’s supposed to save lives. He just ran away, and that was the bad thing he did." If convicted, Quagliariello faces between 2 1/3 and seven years in prison.