Hillary Clinton's latest strategy to defeat Donald Trump? Call him out on his (lack of) character instead of on his unfeasible (and occasionally secret) policies.

Clinton's latest attack ad, released today, juxtaposes shots of young girls looking at themselves in the mirror with some of Trump's more noteable misogynistic bon mots. Trump's comments about his mortal enemy Rosie O'Donnell—"she's a slob," and "she ate like a pig"—made the cut, as did this musing on Kim Kardashian: "Does she have a good body? No. Does she have a fat ass? Absolutely."

For some reason, Trump’s misogyny has historically attracted less ire when it was directed at celebrities instead of women who aren’t in the public eye. Maybe Kim Kardashian's wealth and fame puts her in a position where she can wipe her tears away with crisp hundred dollar bills, so who cares if a billionaire-slash-politician-slash-white-supremacist is being given a national platform to mock her body? But Trump's disdain for women extends far beyond Kim Kardashian, and his words affect all women, a point the ad drives home by ending with the question "Is this the president we want for our daughters?"

Trump's misogyny is incredibly well-documented, to the point that sometimes it borders on comical (there's something funny about a grown man who can't deal with women going to the bathroom). But Trump isn't just a cartoon supervillain come to life—his rhetoric is dangerous, and his poorly thought-out policies would have horrific implications for women (as well as immigrants, people of color, and just about everyone else).

His most recent attempt to pick up women's votes—a half-assed maternity leave proposal that promised just six weeks of paid leave (and no paternity leave!)—fell flat, and he continues to trail Hillary Clinton when it comes to female voters.

Clinton has a 24-point lead over Trump among likely female voters nationwide—but is only ahead by 7 percent altogether. The ad is airing in the battleground states of Ohio, New Hampshire, Iowa, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania—seven battleground states—as well as on national cable.

It’s not known how, or if, Trump will be respond to the ad. But we can probably rule out sending Ivanka back to Cosmo.