If you have a wish you'd like to come true in the new year, head over to the Times Square Visitor Center's Wishing Wall, where people from all over the country have written their dreams on colorful scraps of paper. After being displayed on the wall until December 30th, the dreams will be gathered and showered on Times Square new year's revelers, where they will be ignored, trampled on and swept into the sewer like all your previous dreams. Happy New Year!

The Wishing Wall was created four years ago, and Lori Raimondo of the Times Square Alliance says, "You get a sense of what people are wishing for not just in the U.S. but around the world and how similar we all are." Those similarities include wishes as humble as not wanting to live on the streets, to "Monica, SYD" shrieking "I WANT TO BE FAMOUS." Another optimist wished simply to lose his or her virginity in the coming year, though they didn't include a phone number! If you can't make it to Times Square, you can add your wish online to be printed and included with the confetti, which we bet the city's cleanup crew wishes they didn't have to sweep.