Finally, the Post has an expose on what we thought would happen with the introduction of sleek, highly-coveted gear from Apple: The city's school kids are being targeted for their iPods. It seems that South Brooklyn transit police have seen a rise in the number of iPod-related thefts, citing many muggings on the subways - one teen needed 44 stitches after being stabbed on the Q for his iPod! And three Stuyvesant students were "jumped" outside of the downtown magnet school. The South Brooklyn police say that the white earphones are what tip the robbers off, and the police even offered to engrave kids' iPods, cellphones, and other techno-sundries with ID numbers. However, the NYPD is stopping that effort, because the Board of Education says those items are banned from schools to begin with, so the kids really shouldn't be carrying them at all.

If you're an iPodee, get new headphones. The white pods kinda suck, anyway.