Now that homosexuals can get married in New York, pedophilia is on the rise, says a fringe Hasidic group in Brooklyn that's launching an "awareness campaign" to save the children from gay married molesters. The Hasidic watchdog blog Failed Messiah, which recently broke news about a series of Yiddish street signs telling women to step aside for men, reports that the group wants signs put up in all-male mikvehs warning of the dangers.

In a press release announcing the free signs, the group, vaguely dubbed the Jewish Political Action Committee [JPAC], asserts that "since the gay marriage bill in New York was introduced, there has been a surge of gay attacks against youngsters in New York." Of course, you won't hear about it in the mainstream media... or any media for that matter, because these gay marriage-fueled attacks have only happened in the twisted minds of whoever's producing these signs. Nevertheless, the blogger behind Failed Messiah gamely tries to reason with the group, G-d bless his little heart. Here's his futile email exchange with JPAC:

FM: Statistically the vast majority of pedophiles are male and STRAIGHT. Gays molest children at about the same rate that heterosexuals do. Do you think you have an obligation to the Jewish community to check your facts before you go public? Or do you think the shock value of what many call your stupidity outweighs that obligation?

JPAC: But this is going into mikvehs where there are only males

FM: That isn't the point. Most pedophiles are not gay, even though they molest boys.

JPAC: The issue is molestation against boys by men be they gay or bi but its still a gay act and very serious

FM: Doctors and scientists have shown that it has nothing to do with homosexuality.

JPAC: Its an awareness issue for many youngsters who may fall victim to molesters. Yes there are girls attacked by men but not in a mikveh. These signs are meant to educate boys and more important scare off adult molesters.

Because nothing's more effective in stopping pedophilia than sternly-written signs! But to be really effective, shouldn't these also be in Yiddish?