The janitor who was caught impersonating a subway supervisor last week isn't just a convicted child rapist—he's also a serial transit thief! Willie Perez, 42, has been arrested a handful of times since 1988 for swiping five buses and several agency cars and impersonating a law enforcement officer on a commuter train. And now Perez has been arrested and locked up in the same prison as the king of mass transit joyrides, Darius McCollum.

McCollum, who claims to have stolen 150 buses in the last decade alone, is currently being held on Rikers after being caught stealing a Trailways bus last week. Is it really just a coincidence that two decorated mass transit super-thieves, who have gotten away with stealing buses for years, would both allow themselves to be caught in the same week? Or is this just part of their plan??

Well, the Daily News thinks it's just a coincidence—after all, it's so easy to steal a bus, they were able to pull it off twice! But don't worry, because the MTA has a dedicated group of trained cops conducting regular Transit Order Maintenance Sweeps, aimed at keeping terrorist's out of the subways. "If nothing happens, that's perfect. That's exactly the way we want it. We want it so that our presence means nothing is going to happen down here," said Sgt. Ryan Murphy during a recent TOMS sweep downtown on the A and E lines. So rest assured, we have peeping TOMS on the look out for any suspicious behavior...except for borrowing mass transit vehicles or impersonating subway workers.