The man who suffered at least 21 gunshot wounds (from police guns) during a chaotic Harlem block party will only face weapons charges. Angel Alvarez, 23, had been arrested for manslaughter as well as weapons charges, but the Daily News reports, "Prosecutors didn't press the top charge against him because the witnesses who say he fired on cops are other officers who have not agreed to waive immunity and testify, sources said."

Police claim that when Alvarez and 22-year-old Luis Soto got into a fight, a gun emerged—it's unclear who brought it— and that Alvarez fired at police officers, prompting them to shoot 46 times. (Soto died during the gunfire, and the fatal bullet appears to have been a police officer's bullet.) While prosecutors say that he has a violent history and was once heard telling an inmate, "I want to get those armor-piercing bullets that go through vests," his lawyer said, "If they had those witnesses, they would have charged him. There is no evidence that Angel shot anyone," claiming his client acted in self-defense when wrestling a gun away from Soto.

Alvarez is being held without bail. His lawyer added, "I think the shooting itself was wrongful. They shot him way too many times. The man has holes all over him."