The rapper and CD peddler who was shot and killed by police after opening fire on an officer in Times Square on Thursday could have unloaded as many as 27 more shots if he had been holding his gun correctly.

After fleeing from plainclothes Sgt. Christopher Newsom when confronted about a CD-selling scam, Raymond "Ready" Martinez opened fire at the officer with an imitation MAC-10 — but in an ode to gangster movies and music videos, he held it sideways. According to the Post, when Martinez held the gun parallel to the ground, it caused the shells to "stovepipe," jamming the gun as the spent casings got stuck vertically in the chamber. Newsom, who escaped unscathed, shot Martinez three times and grazed him with a fourth round.

Just two days after the shooting, Newsom — a father of four who lives in Queens and had never before fired his gun in the line of duty — told the Post he was eager to return to his beat. "I'm doing good. I'm just going through department procedure and I want to get back to work," he said. Meanwhile Martinez's mother, Anna Martinez, insists that her son was a musician, not a criminal. "He likes his music, and he likes his lyrics," she told the Daily News. "He knows God. He is a man of God. We studied the Bible together all the time as a family…He had been in trouble before, yes, but for selling CDs…He was not selling drugs or anything like that. He was just into his music."

And according to the tabloid, in the aftermath of the shooting, CD and DVD sellers — who apparently were scamming tourists by scribbling their names on discs and demanding money — have not yet returned to Times Square.