Bad news for Greyhound, good news for L.E.S. residents who don't like their streets packed with bus travel congestion; last night, Community Board 3 nixed the company's plans to install a curbside stop near Seward Park.

Greyhound had initially been interested in teaming up with low-cost carrier Peter Pan to launch cheap curbside bus line YO!, which would compete with popular curbside carriers like BoltBus and MegaBus. The L.E.S. stop on Essex Street, just outside the park, was intended be part of the service and bring passengers back and forth from Philadelphia for $12 a pop.

But residents weren't particularly excited about Greyhound's plans, since almost-hourly pickups and drop-offs AND MORE BLARING BUS TRAFFIC NOISE throughout the day might be a little too much for the area. CB3 also cited environmental and health concerns about the stop, since the intended location is close to a playground. "It doesn't deserve to have a bus stop with 100 people coming and going each hour," Essex St. resident Michael Feder told DNAinfo about the playground. But if you were counting on scoring authentic Philly cheesesteak after a Welcome to the Johnson's PBR binge, don't despair—it's still up to the DOT to make a final decision on the Greyhound stop.