A Queens grand jury cleared a man in the fatal stabbing of a teenager at an internet cafe last month, possibly because they accepted his lawyers' argument that he acted in self-defense in the April incident.

According to the News, the grand jury came back with the decision not to indict Paul Kim, 51, in the fatal stabbing of Yangpu Fan, 19, last night. Kim was arrested for the stabbing and charged with manslaughter after an he was involved in an argument with Fan and some of his friends over the use of a computer terminal at the K&D Internet Cafe in Flushing. Following the stabbing, Kim remained at the cafe on his computer.

An employee at the cafe told Gothamist that a group of teenagers approached Kim on April 26th and asked him to get up from his seat while his computer off, but that he wouldn't move. After an argument, the teenagers left and came back with a larger crew, and argued with Kim again, which is when he stabbed Fan in the torso.

"The grand jury got it right," Claudia Romano, one of Kim's lawyers, told the Post. Romano told the paper that Kim's team of attorneys investigated the incident and presented a case to the jury that showed Kim was attacked first and acted in self-defense.

"[Kim] was attacked and he was defending himself. They are younger, he was outnumbered and he was clearly taking a beating and he was trapped," Kenneth Finkelman, another one of Kim's lawyers told the paper.