As various journalists and pundits grope for turns of phrase that capture the race for the Presidency ("too close to call!" "down to the wire!" "neck and neck!"), Gothamist would like to take the time to remind everyone that polls are open from 6AM until 9PM tomorrow (FINALLY!). The NY Times has an article on what you should do and have when you go to vote, which is part of a section called "Making Votes Count." [Ask Gothamist also covered polling places; a reader emailed us telling her that her change-of-address was not effected in time to change her district, so be sure to check where you're registered to vote.] You can call NYPIRG with complaints about polling places at (212) 822-0282.

Gothamist is also very proud of the New Yorkers who went to swing states to rally voters. There's also a NYT piece on Democrats eying the State Senate. The NY State Assembly and Senate are pretty ineffective, so Gothamist is guessing that the NYT will advocate for voting for the challenger again.

Check out other election sections that show what races are in different boroughs from Gotham Gazette and NY1.