After the "Freaky Friday" house party shooting that left one man dead and eight other people injured, the NYPD has been upping its monitoring of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, because the East New York party had been advertised there. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, "Oh, we look for house parties all the time."

He further explained, “We look at social networking. We’re very much focused on weekend parties, the type of parties that happened last weekend, and we visit them ahead of time. But not every one of these parties happen at a place we can readily identify... Our gang division, our borough personnel look at party advertisements. A lot of these things are at peoples’ apartments." Kelly also pointed out that many ads say no ID is needed.

NY1 spoke to some people who had a range of emotions about the NYPD checking out residents' social media profiles: One said, "If it is going to help cut down on the homicides, then I guess I’m for it," while another opined, "I really do think it is an invasion of privacy."