In case the FDNY's findings last year didn't persuade you, more research is coming down the pipeline showing that 9/11 first responders are more likely to get cancer. Yay?

The Daily News reports that Dr. Philip Landrigan is preparing an analysis of 20,000 medical case histories that show "an incidence of cancer that is 14% higher than expected for a population of the same profile" when looking at first responders. In short: Those who went down to the rubble more than ten years ago are now more likely than the rest of us to get prostate, thyroid and blood cancers.

Having further evidence that 9/11 can be directly connected to instances of cancer in first responders isn't going to do much to help them get better. But it will at least give the CDC's World Trade Center Programs for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health more data to work with as it helps figure out how to best compensate them with Zadroga health benefits.