2006_07_sowersglass.jpgThere's a pretty depressing article in the NY Times about the destruction of a stained glass wall at JFK Airport's Terminal 8. American Airlines is expanding the terminal, and since saving the 317-foot by 23-foot abstract red, blue and white stained glassed wall by Robert Sowers will cost $1 million to take down, American decided to demolish it. And what will become of the 30,000 tiles? The NY Times reports American will "use some of the glass to make key chains for airline employees." Classy! The NY Times had other reactions:

- “It’s disrespectful and distasteful,” said Harriet Senie, a professor of art history at City College and the City University of New York Graduate Center. “It’s almost like a cannibalization.”
- “I assumed they would be saving the window,” said John Corrado, a pilot with the airline for 28 years. “It is part of the New York landscape.”
- John Farrell, another pilot, said: “In this age, you can’t afford too much sentimentality. There are razor-thin margins in this business, and I don’t think anybody ever buys a ticket because American Airlines has a very nice stained window."

We definitely understand the last pilot's comment, but it's just sad that something that made people feel like they weren't in yet another airport has to go. Two other interior murals at Terminal 8 are being sold to finance a new mural for the terminal.

Thumbnail from Bridge and Tunnel Club, which has a much bigger photograph