Today is the twelfth straight day without rain in the city and much of the region is now in a moderate drought. That level of drought stretches roughly from Princeton to Poughkeepsie, over to Providence and Plum Island and back to Perth Amboy. There is a slight chance we could see some light rain late Sunday or early next week but no significant rainfall is expected for the foreseeable future.

The chance of rain toward the end of the weekend depends on how a skirmish in the atmosphere gets resolved. To our north, bringing dry conditions today and tomorrow, is a high pressure system that is moving eastward across Canada and northern New England. That high is holding off a coastal storm that is currently dumping lots of rain on North Carolina. The storm will slowly move northward over the weekend but it looks to weaken considerably moves into drier air. That's a long way of saying look for generally pleasant weather today and tomorrow with near normal highs in the lower 70s. Sunday may be a degree or two warmer but it's going to be a cloudy day.

As the storm gets closer to New York it will bring warmer conditions. Monday should warm to the mid 70s and Tuesday has a good chance of being the nineteenth 80 degree day this month. We might see light rain or showers both days. Most of the moisture will be gone by Wednesday when the last day of September is expected to warm to the upper 70s.