Dorm life has many perks for college kids: Proximity to your peers, distance from your parents, an introduction for many kids to independent living. It also has a some similar perks for viruses: Proximity to young, generally unhygienic, fresh meat. As such, you know that college is back in full swing when the first round of bugs start hitting the college kids.

2006_09_23_forham.jpg Four students in a publicly unnamed dorm on Fordham University's Rose Hill campus in the Bronx have been hospitalized after coming down with a flu-like virus whose symptoms include "nausea, fever, headaches and sensitivity to light." The first student to come down with the bug has already left the hospital and the other students are expected to do so as well in the coming days. The city's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is "closely monitoring" the cases while it awaits lab results.

All four students lived in one dorm in which students share communal bathrooms and as such Fordham is in the process of performing multiple "power-washes" in all of its bathrooms as we type. The school has also been plastering its campus with posters telling students how to stay healthy. The silver-lining in this sickness? It serves as a great reminder of the importance good hygiene and keeping your immunizations up-to-date. So seriously everybody, especially those of you living in dormitories, please, please, please keep yourself clean and remember to WASH YOUR HANDS!