After biting Queens woman Parvin Hajihossini in the face in July, Benjamin the capuchin has been banished to the Jungle Friends habitat in Gainesville, Florida, where lots of other cute monkey pets who wind up biting people apparently go. Jungle Friends owner Kari Bagnall reminds anyone thinking of bringing home a monkey, "They're not pets. They're wild animals.... It's not a matter of if they'll bite, it's when. I don't know of any monkeys that don't bite."

Hajihossini is still seeking damages for injuries sustained by Benjamin, who bit her when she was invited to photograph him by his owner, painter Allen Hirsch. But Hirsch claimed in a New York Times article that he considers Benjamin a member of the family. “I never call him a pet,” he said. "He’s a fellow creature I take care of." Just like a child who randomly bites strangers!