2006_08_lipbalm.jpgWhile the Department of Homeland Security is enforcing a no-carry-on-liquids ban for the safety of airline passengers, some desperate people are thinking of ways around it. Namely women who cannot lie without their cosmetics. CNN reported that a woman embarking on an 18 hour flight sneaked her lip balm on her plane via a candy bar wrapper. And to that, we just shake our heads. The NY Post interviews female travelers who wish they could have their beauty aids but generally understand they have to do without creams, facial sprays, and make-up if they want to get on their flights. At least travelers in the US get to bring their laptops, iPods, and other gadgets on flights - in Britiain, you can't even bring a newspaper on the plane! (They can be checked in, natch - let's hope that the TSA workers don't take anything.) Certainly, this screws things up for duty-free retailers, but it's probably a boon for book sellers and local convenience stores near airports for people to stock back up on their liquid necessities. But while we love our lip balm, hand lotion (planes are so drying - even three hour flights) and bottled water, we'll buck up and pack less. Will you?

The NYPD is ramping up its "Operation Nexus," which "tracks the chemicals the terror plotters had planned to use", namely hydrogen peroxide and acetone. But what do we make of the Department of Homeland Security? There's a NY Times article that says the DHS's "obsessive focus on previous attacks may have prevented the federal government from combating new threats effectively" according to some experts.