The coastal storm that has brought us this snowy/rainy/icy/foggy mess is crawling ever so slowly from just off the New Jersey coast toward eastern Long Island during the day today before finally picking up some speed and heading toward the Canadian Maritimes tonight. As the storm moves, temperatures across the city should warm to the mid 40s, but we have yet to see any temperature movement. Some light rain and fog will persist until the late afternoon.

Setting aside last night's brief clown dusting, the first real snowfall of the season looks like it will happen tomorrow. A jet streak, a region where the jet stream winds are accelerating, is expected to pass overhead. That, combined with an approaching cold front, are expected to produce several bands of snow. Exactly where those bands will form, and how long they last, will determine how much snow will fall. The Weather Channel says less than an inch for the city while the National Weather Service is calling for 1-3 inches. AccuWeather, of course, says we can expect 3-6 inches of snow.

The cold air that much of the country has been experiencing finally reaches the Big Apple once the cold front moves through on Tuesday night. Wednesday is expected to be mostly sunny but the high will struggle to the freezing mark. There's a very slight chance of flurries on Thursday and the high will stay in the upper 20s.