For the fifth time, the city had a day of moments of silence and memorials to pay tribute to the lives lost on September 11, 2001. Mayor Bloomberg said, Five years have come and gone and still we stand together as one." It took hours to read all 2,749 names of victims, and if you watched any of the name-reading ceremony, it was as heartbreaking as ever to hear people read names and then pay tributes to their loved ones. But as many memorials emphasized, life can move forward, with the help of others and shared experiences.

Some downtown workers who were close to the attacks did their jobs as usual, though they did take moments out to remember. Deborah L. Fling told the NY Times, “I came in, I hugged people and now I’m doing my usual work. We just go with the flow.” The Daily News has glimpses of how people remembered the event: Yesterday's beautiful weather alone reminded people of the sparkling Tuesday five years ago while tourists seemed to be the main ones to observe moments of silence at Ground Zero.

We know of some offices that gave their employees the day off if they wished and some that took employees out at the end of the day just so they could talk. Did your office plan anything for you? Did you take a moment to remember September 11 yesterday?