The feds found about 100 pounds of heroin hidden in car parts in Queens on Tuesday. Police said that a team made up of Drug Enforcement Administration agents, NYPD detectives, and state police was running surveillance near Northern Boulevard and 84th Street in Jackson Heights at around 8 p.m. when they say the drivers of a blue and a silver pickup truck circle the block several times, the silver truck towing a trailer. A DEA spokeswoman said the drivers were looking for a place to park.

"It was a monster pickup truck driving around the streets of Queens looking for a place to park in the snow, so it really stood out," Erin Mulvey told the New York Post. “The two trucks kept going around and around in the same area.”

Forty-five minutes passed before law enforcement moved in. Police searched the trucks with a drug-sniffing dog, and when the dog signaled the presence of narcotics in one, cops arrested the drivers, both natives of Guatemala. Cops say Peter Omar Garcia-Romero, 33, has lived in North Carolina, and that his counterpart, Jose Gudencio Lantan-Vela, 65, came into the U.S. on a travel visa on January 15th.

Back at DEA headquarters in Manhattan, search warrant in hand, NYPD Emergency Services Unit officers and DEA agents took apart car parts found in the bed of the silver truck. Sawing apart a partially disassembled car axle, and peering into drive shaft casings, they hit the dope mother lode. Photos show the packages in the axle pressed into round cylindrical shapes to better fit the circular container. Officials said the drive-shaft packages were pressed into square shapes.

The DEA claims the drugs would be worth $14 million on the street.

Both suspects face a charge of criminal conspiracy and two counts of drug possession, each of which carry as many as 25 years in prison.

Their arraignment is scheduled for today. The Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor said it's not clear yet whether the defendants have attorneys or who they are.