OK, so what is with dad's helping deliver beat downs lately? A week after a Brooklyn dad held down a 10-year-old so his son could hit him (and then hit the kid himself) Staten Island comes and offers its version of the trope. On Saturday night 21-year-old Michael J. Steele and his father James allegedly beat an unidentified third man while brandishing a baseball bat at the Great Kills station of the Staten Island Railway. The reason? The younger Steele felt he hadn't gotten the $10 worth of drugs he had paid for.

The Steeles timing was off though, as a train arrived just as the attack started and two MTA officers quickly stepped in. Both Steele's face charges of second- and third-degree assault, fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon and second-degree harassment though it is unlikely that the victim, who has a criminal record, will press charges. The younger Steele also faces charges for prescription drugs found on his person, though he claims he has a perscription.

Meanwhile at least this dad seems to regret his actions. The elder Steele tells the Advance that he had been led to believe his son had been mugged before he went with him, that the bat "was kind of just a scare tactic," and that his son didn't repeatedly hit the victim with it as alleged. Instead he says it was more of a shoving match. Plus, if he had a chance to do it over again he really would have called 911. Promise.

And no, the younger Steele will not be getting a Christmas present this year. The love of his father will just have to do.