After learning that their 24-year-old son fell 24 floors to his death when his apartment's balcony railing gave way, Conor Donohue's parents told the Post, "We're just devastated. We're heartbroken. He was 24 years old. He was a great person who made the right choices in life." And now the Department of Buildings says the building failed to inspect the balconies as required by law.

Donohue's body was found on Sunday morning, outside of an apartment building at 330 East 39th Street in Manhattan. The DOB found that the railing at Donohue's balcony was "loose and damaged." According to the Daily News, "Jennifer Towers Apartment Corp., the owner of the building at 330 E. 39th St., was required to hire engineers to inspect the high-rise's exterior and submit a report to the Buildings Department by early 2007." But the building never did (see the violation); an executive for the management company told the Post, "Sometimes [inspections] take longer than usual to get accomplished. We are in the process of taking care of what we need to take care of."

Yesterday, the News described Donohue, "Until last month, Donohue worked as dean of students for Prep for Prep, a nonprofit Manhattan group that identifies promising minority students and prepares them for private school," and had just taken "a job at SingleStop USA, a nonprofit group that directs poor working families to earmarked government funds for food, child care, medical services and other basic needs." A friend spoke of his loyalty while a former professor at Connecticut College told the News that Donohue was an "excellent student," gifted percussionist, and "More importantly, he was a really nice guy. He was a born leader."