Of all the people a falling air conditioner could have hit in the uber-trendy East Village, why did it have to be an elderly Vietnam veteran who's being evicted from his apartment? Probably because it was 8:30 a.m., not 8:30 p.m. Not that we want anybody to get hit by falling air conditioners, but you'd think—statistically speaking—an A.C. unit falling onto Wine Bar on Second Avenue would be more likely to land on someone a bit more scummy yuppie than Anthony Franzese, 67. But the timing was just all wrong.

The air conditioner fell from a sixth floor window, bouncing off of Wine Bar's awning and a sidewalk café chair before slamming into Franzese, the Post reports. According to CBS2, he suffered a severe head laceration and was taken to Bellevue Hospital. Neighbor Carmen Barreto, who's been in the building for 38 years, says her son helped clean blood off Franzese. "He said ‘Ma, the air conditioner fall down onto the head’ and I said ‘My God he must be dead'," she explained. And resident Rachel Costa says, "He sits here with the dog. He has a little glass of wine. He’s friends with the owner of the place here, and he’s a very nice man."

Later this morning, police visited the apartment from whence the A.C. fell. Guilty tenant Bruce Fuller, 49, tells the Post, "I don't know how it fell. But I feel very guilty. He is a nice man, and gave me his spare key. I am going to make sure the dog is taken care of when he's in the hospital." But the Post also reports that Franzese, a Vietnam veteran, was recently evicted from his apartment on the third floor and is supposed to be out by this Thursday. So just consider this your daily reminder that life isn't fair, and you should prop you air conditioner properly.