When the MTA debuted the SBS M15 service last week, it seemed to be plagued with problems. Cars were parked in the bus lanes, people were confused by the new ticket system, and, like with pretty much every other bus route, buses would strand riders for lengthy periods of time only to reappear five at a time. And now, after throwing away money by building new ticketing kiosks and designing new buses, the MTA is doing what it probably should have done in the first place by adding more buses to the line.

Three extra buses will run every day to fill gaps the other SBS buses were leaving open, and riders can now also use their SBS tickets on the M15 local if those buses come first. NYC Transit spokesman Charles Seaton says the new buses bring the total M15 fleet up to 40, and that "things are incrementally getting better." Buses are now averaging an 88 minute trip down Second Avenue, 10 minutes faster than its debut weekday trip but 17 minutes longer than the scheduled time of 71 minutes. That 88 minute ride is also exactly how long the trip would take on the local, so give it a few more weeks and we might actually have an express bus.