2007_03_knife.jpgA driver, either "emotionally disturbed" or simply drunk, caused a crazy, violent scene yesterday in Ozone Park, Queens. Fifty-year-old Joseph Leonardi had been driving the wrong way on 83rd Street, when his car "hopped onto the sidewalk," according to the Sun. The car was headed towards Sister Hannah Marie Cox, but a Good Samaritan Juan Valez pushed her away and the Buick hit a tree and a building. Leonardi got out of car and ran for six blocks, with people chasing him. But then Leonardi threatened them with a huge knife.

That's when the police arrived. Rookie cop Stuart Ingram and a partner approached the scene, and Leonardi lunged at Ingram with the knife. Luckily, Ingram's NYPD shield got in the way of the knife: The knife shattered into five pieces and the tin shield saved his life. Ingram graduated from the Police Academy on December 26; he said, "Thanks [to the badge manufacturer] for making it stronger than the knife."

And Leonardi was charged with reckless endangerment, criminal possession of a weapon, attempted murder and DWI.