It's unclear whether Jose Acosta was working on his memoirs or simply begging to get busted when he boarded a JetBlue flight from St. Lucia to JFK carrying handwritten notes titled "Confessions of the Mule." But the Daily News reports that his handwritten confession quickly became a verbal one after he was questioned by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection inspector when he landed on Monday. "The charade is up: you've got me," Acosta allegedly told the inspector. Worst game of charades EVER?

Police proceeded to rustle up 23 pellets of cocaine in a sock stashed in Acosta's groin area, according to the court filing obtained by the News. But that wasn't the end of Acosta's charade! Two words, three syllables, sounds like Hallowed Rugs: at a medical facility at the airport, Acosta reportedly "passed" 18 more pellets that he had swallowed before the flight.

And he wasn't the only braying mule on the flight. One Talecha Barthelmy allegedly admitted to carrying drugs in her belly, and according to a separate complaint she passed eight cocaine pellets at a medical facility. Both face drug charges, but at least Acosta will have plenty of time in prison to work on his follow-up to "Confessions"—"Drug Smuggling for Dummies."