A few more details about yesterday's fatal car crash on the Brooklyn Bridge, which closed inbound lanes for hours. The Daily News has a photograph of the crumpled car and reports, "Investigators believe Andre Donald was traveling from his home in East New York, Brooklyn, just after 4 a.m. when he lost control of his 2008 gray Honda Accord and crashed. The [stationary, yellow] DOT truck, which was unoccupied, sported a flashing electronic arrow meant to alert motorists to its presence... Investigators are not certain what caused Donald to hit the well-marked yellow truck but were checking if he had been drinking in the hours before the accident, police sources said." And WPIX's Linda Church was at the bridge during the accident and said, "This car was literally trashed, the whole first half of it. It was a horrible accident... He somehow hit the back of this big bridge truck with all the yellow arrows. Hard to say how he missed it but clearly he missed it and clearly he was going very fast."