New York: "Pothole City." Last month, 311 got 1,781 calls about potholes, but City Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan said it's no problem because her team is out filling 2,000 potholes a day. Don't believe her? Check Tumblr. The Department recently announced their Daily Pothole Tumblr, which tracks the day's pothole repairs and lets users report potholes online. Just one more step towards our never having to speak on the phone again!

The site reports that 3,859 potholes were repaired yesterday and 179,218 have been repaired since July 1st, 2010. In a statement, Sadik-Khan said an additional $2 million has been added to their $190.4 million budget "to pay for 30 repair crews to work 20 extended weekdays and 40 crews to work 10 weekend days over the remainder of pothole-filling season, through April." They also explain the site "displays maps charting where pothole-filling efforts have been targeted, as well as pictures of crews working and the number of potholes filled during the winter blitz—plus it allows the public to report potholes easily."

Potholes are apparently big news now! EVGrieve notes that a section of Second Street was closed off yesterday so ABC7 could get some nice shots of workers filling potholes. But we'd love to see other city departments get in on this Tumblr trend. Like one on how that Sanitation slowdown probe is progressing.