Not yet, anyway. Because doesn't this rumor happen every year? Well here comes the latest tease that Brooklyn will get its trolley cars back.

Last time we heard about this plan (last August), it was Mayor Bloomberg that showed interest in bringing some version of the nostalgic modes of transportation back to growing waterfront areas in the borough. Now the NY Post reports that the city is on track to build a light-rail or trolley line servicing certain sections of Brooklyn.

The first step will come when the Department of Transportation will choose a consultant sometime before summer, who will then look in to a mile-long line from the Red Hook waterfront to the edge of Brooklyn Bridge Park. An additional half-mile line to Borough Hall may be a possibility, too, and will also be determined by the consultant during the 6-month study. Velazquez says the project is important now because the already isolated area of Red Hook is now facing bus service cuts.

Assuming everything runs smoothly, the next step to making this a reality would be securing around $10MM, and then it'll be smooth sailing, right? We want to believe!