At the very end of today's Daily News story about the NYPD busting prostitution deals at high end strip club Scores, the News reports, "A police source said cops began investigating the club after getting a tip from a disgruntled customer in October." Which can mean so many things. While four strippers and two Scores managers say they are innocent, the police say otherwise.

Apparently the managers would arrange trysts between customers and strippers in the VIP rooms at Scores West in West Chelsea. One manager told undercover police, "That's cool. As long as you have an agreement with the girl, that's okay." The managers also said, "That's what the rooms are for." The Strippers would charge $200-700 for different sex acts - and even more for "exotic" acts. Maybe the customer was disgruntled because it cost so much for the sex, liquor, and the room. (Back in 2005, one guy spent $241,000 at Scores in one night!)

If the prostitution charges are true, Scores could lose its liquor license.