A 52-year-old man who was robbed of $94 and a lighter at West 4th Street and Sixth Avenue did not take it lying down—the guy actually chased the mugger to Houston Street, pursuing him on foot through the subway tunnel. Chalk one up for justice—and chalk one up for miraculously avoiding subway death!

According to DNAinfo, the victim tried to take the items back, but the robber, Jeff Hamm, 54, "put up his fists and then took off running."

The victim chased Hamm into the 1 train station at West Houston and Varick streets, then followed as Hamm leaped onto the subway tracks and raced through the tunnel to the next stop on the uptown 1 route, Christopher Street.

At the Christopher Street station, Hamm threw $1 and $5 bills at the victim and then headed above ground, where he set off running again, police said.

The Post adds

: "Stunned commuters watched as the two men struggled to climb onto the platform."

Cops say that Hamm tried to hail a cab, but the victim stopped and held him until the police stepped in and found much of the stolen money in his possession. Hamm, who reportedly has dozens of previous arrests, was charged with robbery and drug charges, because he was allegedly found with marijuana and cocaine.